Monday, October 2, 2017

Divorce Papers - Alex Montagu v. Marion Stoner Montagu - 1996

1996 Divorce from Marion Stoner

The divorce took place at the insistence of Lady Mary Montagu, mother of Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester. Wendy was not told Alex had been married, that their marriage had been bigamous, or that Alex's mother had told Alex to remarry her until after their own divorce in 1997.  Alex decided to tell the Manchester Trustees about his bigamy in hopes his children would no longer get support from the Trust so his own support from the Trust would be increased.  

                        9 - Papers are filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 
                              Application for Non-Payment of Filing Fees 
                       27 -Alex, at the insistence of his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, 
                             agrees to cooperate in a  divorce from his first wife, Marion  
                             Stoner Montagu. He has been bigamously married to Wendy 
                             Buford Montagu for over three years.
                                   Although ordered to do so by his mother Alex does not
                             repair matters and remarry Wendy.
                              Record of Proceeding/Outcome Sheet 
                        28 - Divorce becomes  absolute
                              Certified Divorce Decree

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