Monday, October 9, 2017

My Barmy Marriage - The People 1988


 By Ian Dougall 


'I left when he fired at me with a speargun'

Barmy viscount Alexander Montagu who offered to make any woman his future duchess for £25 million has hit a snag – his WIFE.

Former model Marion Stoner said her estragend husband would have to divorce her before he could go ahead with his zany money making marriage. 

The beautiful brunette revealed: “He's still legally married to me,” 

And she warned would-be wives: “He ought to be paying someone £25 million to marry HIM.” 

Lady Marion left madcap Alexnder when he fired a speargun t her after just two months of wedlock. 

And she laughed: “Alex's bizarre offer to sell himself is a joke,” 


“I thought I'd come forward and let the public know he isn't free to do so.” 
Another twist to the 16-year-old viscount's cheeky marriage lines is that the present Duke of Manchester, his father, is still very much alive. 

Alex shocked British aristocracy when he told The People last week: “I'm hoping my father won't be round much longer, so the way will soon be open for me to become the 13th Duke.” 

Fed up Marion, 39, who now lives in Melbourne, Australia, said she would happily divorce him and give up her chance to be a duchess. 

But she could never find him to serve papers. 

She revealed that their wedding on January 17, 1984, was no marriage of convenience, like the one he's planning, but a real love match. 

Marion was working as a fashion model when she met and fell for the vivacious Viscount. 

“It wasn't long before I discovered what a fool Alex was.

“His eccentricity got him into all kinds of trouble. 

“He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but the problem with him was that he swallowed it.”

And Marion, who has three children from a former marriage, said: “If je wants to sell himself to the highest bidder then he''s got to divorce me. 

“He's quite welcome to have anyone he wants because I certainly don't want him.

“Our short marriage was hell.” 

“At first he was a real gentleman, but changed dramatically into a monster. 
“He became very aggressive and after the speargun incident I left him as fast as I could.
“It was a nightmare and a part of my life I would rather forget.”


And Marion said she never dubs herself a lady.

“I might still be Lady Marion Montagu legally, but I never call myself that. 
“If I did people in Australia would laugh at me.

"I never married him for the title or for money. We were very much in love, but unfortunately that was short lived.” 



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