Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Around 2004 - Red Dwarf, and the movie

From Red Dwarf, and the movie 

The Duke of Manchester

"Whilst Naylor was in Australia, he got a call. The man on the phone claimed he had £60 million to invest in movies, and asked how much of it Naylor wanted. After careful consideration (“3 nanoseconds”), Naylor decided that £60 million would do just fine.
Naylor and the Duke agreed to meet, but then the Duke asked if Naylor could pay for his airfare and let him sleep on his couch.

However, after some research it was discovered there was in fact a Duke of Manchester (who knew?) and the family had moved to Australia at the beginning of the 20th century.
So, even that faint glimmer of hope was enough to convince them to keep on going. They asked to speak to the Duke's bank manager, but of course, he was a very busy man and couldn't possibly find time to speak a movie director on behalf of one of his multi-million pound clients.
They did manage to get the Duke to fax over a bank statement showing an account with 100 million US dollars (“completely faked of course”) and, finally, after he tried to convince them they were speaking with a famous Australian actress (“'I've got such a bad cold', she insisted, 'but I really am the famous actress'”) the dream finally plummeted...

...Back to Earth

Despite the proclamation that he hoped to miss the next Dimension Jump due to filming commitments, the Duke effectively signalled the end of the road. There were no more official updates, no more statements."

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