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The Duke of Manchester Arrested and found Guilty of Threatening Two Girls, Three and Six, with a Gun

First Published on the Duke and Doxie of Manchester - Monday, July 1, 2013

According to documents generated by the police and criminal law court in Las Vegas, Nevada, seen below, on or around August 3, 2012, His Grace, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, pulled a gun on two little girls, ages three and six.

Contacted for comment,  Wendy Buford Montagu,  Manchester's former wife,  interviewed this morning,  said Alex began collecting guns shortly before he initiated their divorce and, at the time, was taking the kids to the shooting range.  

Wendy further commented her daughter, then eight, reported later her Daddy had pulled a gun on her during one of these occasions.  The Court in Orange County forced Manchester to give up his guns in 2007, Ms. Montagu added.   

Neither of the children, the eldest an adult, have chosen to continue a relationship with their father.  

A study of the records available on Manchester's history reveals a long history of irrational behavior and violence. 

This segment from the Application for Separation was written by his estranged wife, Marion, for the court during the breakup of Manchester's first marriage in the spring of 1984.  It records earlier incidents of violence against his wife, his step-daughter a friend of his wife's and irrationality.  

""11. On another occasion on or about the 20th day of May, 1984 when my girlfriend AMANDA LEE RICHARDS  was present in my home having tea an argument occurred between the respondent and myself about my daughter Lisa Marie and his treatment of her and the respondent came in from the kitchen and hit me across the left side of the face with his open hand but with a great deal of force.  I was stunned by the force of the blow and thereafter suffered considerable pain as the blow caused painful bruising to my eye.  Immediately after my husband had assaulted me he then went to the broom cupboard in the home and removed a spear gun and loaded a spear into it, came into the room where Mandy Richardson and I were standing and took aim and fired the speargun at me.  The speargun missed me by approximately a foot but only missed my girlfriend's head by approximately half an inch.  

12. As a result of the respondent's assault upon me and my fear for my own safety and that of my two children I immediately made arrangements to leave the matrimonial home and I left the home on the day thereafter taking with me such furniture and possessions as I had previously acquired prior to the marriage." 

The Transcript from the Court Hearing held September 6, 1984 included several more incidents of irrational violence, notes Manchester has psychological problems, and is violent.  

These documents came into my possession while I was working for Manchester, services for which I was never compensated.  After he sent me this and several dozen other documents, we went over this one, as he attempted to tell me his mother, Lady Mary Montagu had staged the marriage and subsequent events to destroy him.  

I did not know what to say.  I agreed to read all of the documents and do further research.  This occurred in early October, 2011 and I did not then read any of the documents because within a day Alex was embroiled in his break-up with Laura, his wife and our focus shifted to finishing the sale of the Michael Jackson videos, which Manchester was offering for sale.    

After I talked to Wendy a very different story emerged.  On reviewing the documents with Wendy she told me she also had copies, acquired from the Manchester Trust at the time of the 2011 case heard in the Queen's Court on the issue of whether or not the Trust could continue payments for support, offsetting the non-payment of what had been ordered by the judgement issued for Montagu v Montagu, Case No. 06D010327, by Honorable Judge Mark S. Millard, at the time of her divorce from Manchester in 2007 in Orange County, CA.  

Manchester had informed Wendy they were never legally married in 2009, leaving a gloating message on her answering machine.  At the same time he had make this known to the Manchester Trustees.  The suit was filed by the Trustees, seeking clarification from the court in the UK so they could continue payments to Manchester's two minor children.  

This chain of events raises several questions, but perhaps the most striking question which the court of Judge Conrad Hafen, in Las Vegas, may have failed to consider.  

If Alex is demonstrably unstable then why is he again being allowed to possess guns?  Was the order of the court in Orange County changed or modified?  

While the Second Amendment should always be upheld, individuals known to have a history of gun violence, especially when this is directed at helpless individuals, is not violated by limiting access in these instances.  

The issue would, of course, be different if there were any question of self-defense but there is not.  

All the known individuals, against whom there is a record of violence by Manchester are either women, his first wife and her friend, or little girls under the age of twelve with the exception of a police officer, who was are not generally violent and it does not appear this was the case in either of these instances.  

We have asked the  court in Las Vegas, which heard, CASE NO. 12F20159X, against Manchester, if Alex has been allowed to have guns, and are waiting for an answer.  

The court documents for this case are below along with other supplemental information. 

Las Vegas Court Documents, December 20, 2012

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