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March 12, 2005 - IM Conversation between Melinda and Morgan

Jaye E. Gell married Morgan on Valentine's Day 2005 at the court house, I believe in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Jay had begun attacking me verbally and libeling me after my son, Justin, and I visited them not long after they were married.  I was entirely stunned by Jay's onslaught of  ugly comments, which had no origin in the ongoing events.  At the time I did not know he was working for the Bush-Cheney Cabal (BCCabal). 

I believe he impregnated and married Morgan on orders to provide a way to contain her while also making her available to attack me in multiple ways. 

RaptureTrue was a Yahoo Account I used for a while.  This exchange took place
rapturetrue: Are you there?
Morgan : sort of
rapturetrue: What do you mean?
Morgan : many people here
rapturetrue: Ah, you are not alone. 
Morgan : Here are some good jokes!
Morgan : Why are Michael Jackson's pants so small? >Because they aren't his. >What did the man on the beach say to Michael Jackson? >Get out of my sun! >Why did Michael Jackson place a phone call to Boyz-2-Men? >He thought it was a delivery service. >What's the difference between Michael Jackson and Casper? >One is pale and scares kids and the other is a friendly ghost. >How do we know Michael is guilty? >Several children have fingered him. >Why did Michael Jackson rush over to Wal-Mart? >He heard that boys' pants were 1/2 off. >What's the difference between a supermarket bag and Michael >Jackson? >One is white, made of plastic, and should be kept away from >small children. The other is used to hold groceries. >How do you know when it's bedtime at the Neverland Ranch? >When the big hand touches the
Morgan : little hand. >What's somewhat brown and often found in children's underpants? >Michael Jackson's hand. >What is blonde, has six legs, and roams Michael Jackson's dreams >every night? >Hanson. >What the difference between Michael Jackson and acne? >Acne doesn't come on your face until you're about fifteen. >Why can you always win a race with Michael Jackson? >Because he always likes to come in a little behind. >What did Michael Jackson say to Gary Glitter? >I'll swap you a 10 for two fives. >Janet and Michael Jackson were at home one night... >Janet: Shall we get a pizza and video tonight? >Michael: Yeah, ok, can we get Aladdin? >Janet: No Michael, just a pizza and video. >What's the difference between Michael Jackson and greyhound >racing? >The greyhounds wait for the hares to come out. >W
rapturetrue: Who is there?  Jokes to cover who you are talking to?
rapturetrue: UDITY

I was driving with my three young children one warm
summer evening when a woman in the convertible ahead
of us stood up and waved. She was stark naked! As I
was reeling from the shock, I heard my 5-year-old
shout from the back seat, "Mom! That lady isn't
wearing a seat belt!



My son Zachary, 4, came screaming out of the bathroom
to tell me he'd dropped his toothbrush in the toilet.
So I fished it out and threw it in the garbage.
Zachary stood there thinking for a moment, then ran to
my bathroom and came out with my toothbrush. He held
it up and said with a charming little smile, "We
better throw this one out too then, 'cause it fell in
the toilet a few days ago.

Morgan : many people here
rapturetrue: Who?  I thought you didn't entertain very much.
Morgan : Jackie's bday
rapturetrue: Are you alright? 
Morgan : I am at 31 weeks farther along than we thought
rapturetrue: I am not surprised.  Given the circumstances. 
Morgan : What do you mean?
rapturetrue: He impregnated you as soon as he could.  If his name is on the birth certificate he will own you. 
Morgan : How so?
rapturetrue: Consider how women are dragged back into court and forced to support shiftless men now.  It is happening in SB all the time. 
Morgan : Got to go, big time! Love you!!!
rapturetrue: Call me.  Love you, too. 
Morgan has signed out. (3/12/2005 1:30 PM)

Next day, after Melinda learns about the letters to Doug and God knows how many others 

rapturetrue: Hi there!  How are you today?  I hope the baby is well?
rapturetrue: How is the book reading coming along?  Important to be ready for the big day. 
rapturetrue: Guess you stepped away from the computer.  Well, hope your health is well.  Must get back to work.  Bye!  Love you. 
Morgan : Love you too!

Short hiatus in dialogue

rapturetrue: How is the weather there now?
Morgan : warm
rapturetrue: That is an improvement. 
Morgan : how are you?
rapturetrue: Great. 
Morgan : baby is good
rapturetrue: That is good.  Glad to hear it. 
Morgan : He is very active now, very pushy!
rapturetrue: Babies usually are that.  You are probably having a` hard time sleeping. 
Morgan : He is always active at night
rapturetrue: Of course.  I would expect that. 
Morgan : why?
rapturetrue: Babies just are. Mine all were. 
Morgan : I will call soon...Love You! Bye!!!
rapturetrue: Lov e you.  Bye

From the ass Gell

jayegell_01 : 65 minutes remaining!
jayegell_01 : your time has come, your time has gone! NOW it's time to learn the prison song!!!!!!!
jayegell_01 : Pack your bags, club FED is nice this time of year! watch what and who you "quote"!

You currently appear invisible to jayegell_01 .

jayegell_01 : ready for jail? how does it feel to be WANTED?

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Letter to Gene Gaudette from Gail Herriot

Letter sent by Professor Gail Heriot
School of Law, San Diego

Commentary will appear in italics.  The following is the letter sent by Ms. Heriot to a list of media writers.  The program allowed her to change the salutation to make it seem as if it was sent to only the person named. We received this letter with different salutations from several individuals who are covering the case.

Dear Mr. Gaudette--

            I am a friend of John Fund,
1. See letter where Heriot talks about the quality time she and John spend together in hotel rooms.
 …. not his lawyer, but I think it’s important to send you this letter.  Sometime ago, you posted an unflattering stories about him on your American Politics web site.  I’ve no reason to doubt that you considered it both accurate and newsworthy at the time.  I’m certainly not writing to quarrel with that judgment.  If the allegations against John were true, then they would have merited publication.  Indeed, they would have merited ridicule (and your web site clearly good at it).  But the evidence is overwhelming that those allegations are not true.  John maybe a less-than-perfect person, but he is not guilty of the offenses of which he has been accused.  John’s greatest sin was that he became briefly romantically involved 1999)
 2. See transcript of tape from A full copy of the tape is available upon your request. The tape documents the relationship as ongoing in late 1999, having started in October of 1998.  The abortion took place in March of 1999.          
3. See copy of the phone bill from my apartment in New York where Morgan and John lived together when I was away from the beginning of 2000 to early 2001. For trial other declarations and testimony will be available from individuals aware they were there together.  Calls by Fund are noted to his mother in Live Oak, California and Judge Diane Sykes in Wisconsin.  Notice the times, unlikely he just dropped by for a cup of sugar.   
4. See e-mail from Carol Divine Molin, a Republican woman who works with victims of domestic violence, dated September 19, 2001
5. See work orders for utilities signed by my daughter from John Fund’s address in the summer of 2001.
These exhibits document the character of the relationship and its continuity refuting Ms. Heriot’s assertion, and Fund’s that it was of short duration or just sexual.  It was marital in nature.     
 …with a woman who had been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. 
Note that no documentation is offered.  This is a libel.  Morgan has never been diagnosed with such a disorder. Ms. Heriot is an attorney who knows better than to engage in simple here say. Those who are not professionals should be cautious in expressing medical opinions.
When he realized that Ms. Pillsbury was unstable, he broke the relationship (in early to mid-1999).  That started a firestorm that has not yet subsided.  John and many of his female friends and acquaintances have been the victims of an apparently jealous rage ever since. I would not blame you a bit for refusing to take my word for it.
No one who did not actively help John Fund in his ongoing campaign of slander was ever mentioned or contacted.  They were also victims. Those who were contacted had involved themselves in helping John malign Morgan or me.  Offered proof of this they continued their behavior. One nearly got Morgan killed by inciting yet another beating, evidently intentionally.  An example is Christine Reis-Hall, who offered to help do research to find discreditable information on either of us.  She sent her nude picture to John who received it on Morgan’s computer, making it Morgan’s property along with her salacious e-mails. Another example is Diane Sykes, a Federal Judge in Wisconsin who offered John legal aid.  In fact, John never broke off the relationship with Morgan, always returning to her and apologizing for his indiscretions when Morgan learned of them.  John was evidently unfaithful to Morgan with dozens of women.  These “relationships” were of short duration, mostly taking place in hotel rooms when he was away on business.  The documents speak for themselves. Their relationship continued without a break, as evidenced by the accumulation of e-mails and their content. The chronology of these, which is inches thick, is being produced for trial.
       ….Fortunately, Ms. Pillsbury left a trail of documents (some of them under oath) that demonstrate his innocence quite convincingly, including a notarized affidavit in which she admits that John did not abuse her and that there had never been wedding plans between the two of them. 
  Morgan called me right after she had escaped from John and told me he had battered her, forcing her to sign the single mentioned document. The document does not sound like Morgan; it sounds coerced.  This is a man who stalked her down after she fled and moved in with her, expecting her to continue traveling to Jersey City to clean his apartment and buy his burritos. He complained bitterly that he could not get on line without her on a home computer.  It was a marital relationship. 
…..Many of these documents are available at John’s special web site
 6. Registered from Heriot’s address in San Diego.
….at  They convinced even Eric Alterman, whose article Who Framed John Fund appears in this week’s The Nation, hardly a nest of right-wing apologists.  The articles web address is alterman.
7. See copy of rebuttal letter written by Mark Crispin Miller. This link is no longer active because of the uproar Alterman’s untruths caused at The Nation.  
….Those two web sites are just the tip of the iceberg.  The full story Ms. Pillsbury’s strange crusade against John would fill several file cabinets and include check forgery, credit card fraud, witness harassment and endless suicide threats. 
Morgan has full documentation of her financial dealings with John.  He was the thief.  Money is control and John Fund had to have complete control.  He successfully defrauded her of thousands of dollars while they were living together as husband and wife. He showed her how to sign his name so she could write the household checks. This practice began in July of 2001.  The credit card in question was not John’s but Morgan’s.  John got her to get one issued in his name on her credit and used it to take Gail out in San Diego.  This is documented. He ran up her charges and then refused to reimburse her.  He told the bank he was not responsible.  He used his reputation to destroy her credit.  But it is demonstrable that Morgan was not taking Gail to dinner in San Diego in December of 2001.  In court, John will have to face that unsavory fact among others.  After he filed this claim with the bank he continued to live with her, eat her food and insist she clean for him.       
…Suffice it to say that almost nothing Ms. Pillsbury says can be taken at face value.  As Eric Alterman writes, her name is not Morgan Pillsbury
Morgan has used the name Morgan Francis Pillsbury, not the name she was given at birth, for at least 12 years. There is nothing covert about that.   She was adopted legally by my parents when she was 12, making her legal last name Pillsbury.  She took the name Morgan because she was addicted to horses as a teenager and especially liked the Morgan bred horses.  The name Francis was adopted in honor of my father, her grandfather. 
8. See questions Eric Alterman sent last Mother’s Day morning. 
9. Morgan’s responses went to him within three hours.  The implication Morgan was less than honest was outrageous and addressed by Mark Crispin Miller.
 ….and, while she claims that she was 23 years old
            Morgan never called into question people’s misassessments of her age. She has always looked younger than she is. What woman would do otherwise?  It is a family joke. 
….when she and John had their romantic relationship in 1999, in fact she was born on July 5, 1967, making her almost 36 years old today.  We may never know for sure, but her claim that she was pregnant made shortly after their 1999 break-up is dubious at best. 
10. See medical record.  Morgan stayed at the home of Matthew Earl Jones, who, with his girl friend Pam, are close friends of hers.  John called and talked to Matthew soon after the procedure. Matthew is willing to testify to these facts. Craig Franklin was taped saying that John told him he was the father of Morgan’s aborted child. John admits it on the weaselsearch tape.   The ‘romantic relationship’ continued until he battered her in 2002.   
 ….Only a person with a reckless disregard for the truth would publish it.  Indeed, a lie about a pregnancy would have been easy compared to the lies Ms. Pillsbury admits to under oath.  A few months before her initial involvement with John, she bilked her step father out of $10,000 by falsely telling him that she had a heart condition that required a medical procedure to correct. 
    Morgan has a heart condition; a family condition.  Both her aunts, Anne AEtheline Pillsbury Gripp, who owned the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate until her death in 1994, and Carol Sylvia Pillsbury Holbert, a businesswoman living in Camarillo who died in 1974, had heart conditions.  Anne died at 59, Carol at 36. I have had two heart attacks.  My younger brother, Stephen Martin Pillsbury, has had open heart surgery, and a niece was born with a heart condition.  All of these are objectively ascertainable facts. My brother, Charles Arthur Pillsbury, works in the Department of Finance in Sacramento as a systems analyst for the Governor’s office.  Ask him if he has two dead sisters.  Ask him about Stephen, myself and his daughter.   
 ….Again, you need not take my word for it; she herself described this incident in the deposition transcript (in an unrelated case) on John’s web site. 
No where in the deposition does Morgan say she did not have a heart condition. However, that case is directly related because John Fund and Craig Franklin have been cooperating. Craig was nearly $200,000 in arrears in support until just days ago in hopes that this would shut down the civil trial in New York.  His motivation was revenge for Morgan’s testimony on my behalf. 
….I know of other spectacular examples of her fabrications. 
Having made this assertion I would like to see some documentation. 
….When asked during her deposition “What lies have you told in the past?”, she replied, Too many to name. 
The deposition referred to was taken regarding fraud and abuse perpetrated by Craig Franklin who is my ex-husband.  This comment refers to a point in 2000 when Morgan had taken a long hard look at her life and changed many things. She wrote letters apologizing to several individuals to whom she had lied.  She wanted to put herself on an honest footing with them.  I was the only person her lies had harmed.  Most of her lies were silly. Some were solicited by John who told her that this was a practice he followed.  
The lies she admits to in the deposition are all about her cooperation with Craig Franklin. She came out to testify against him, having taped his admissions about having created fraudulent stock option agreements in collusion with the president of his corporation in an attempt to deny me marital assets potential worth millions of dollars. He also admitted to battering me in the same deposition.   Morgan had taped him making this admission to redress the harm she had done me.  The tape Morgan made forced Craig to tell the truth on the deposition since he knew on redirect he would other wise be caught in perjury. The $10.000.00 was given to pay her for her efforts in slandering me. It was small potatoes with tens of millions in question. His excuse for getting her to sign ‘loan papers’ was that he was going to write it off on his taxes.  
11. Deposition.  Tape is available if you want to hear it. The attorney who took the deposition was Todd Porter, Esq., practicing in San Luis Obispo.
    …Moreover, Ms. Pillsbury has refused to produce the proof one would ordinarily expect. John reports that after the alleged abortion, she claimed that the procedure had been performed negligently and that she would never been able to have a child.  He offered to get her an attorney to handle any medical malpractice claim if she would produce her medical records.  After much prodding, she never did.  
               12. Morgan was never asked to produce such documents before.  Here are the medical records. Heriot’s other assertions were news to Morgan. John never offered to help in any way.   
 …Under the circumstances, it’s time to take down the John Fund story from your web site.  Those who are familiar with the story from Alterman’s article will know that it is false and your credibility will be hurt. But for those who aren’t familiar with his article (and there are many), it is defamatory.  No one is asking for a retraction; just take the story down.
 It’s time to go on to the next conservative pundit.  (I suggest William Bennett and his conservative apologists.)  This time, however, please double check your facts.  It’s not just your intended target that end up getting hurt.  You'd be surprised at the number of people who get hurt on both sides of the politcal (sic) spectrum when false stories are spread.
13. Biographical sketch of Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury
            14. Notification form for Confidential Information for victim of domestic violence in Jersey City, New Jersey, 11/12/01

Thanks for your attention.

Sincerely yours,

Gail Heriot
 Professor of Law

                One would think that a professor of law would have called the parties involved before so exposing herself and the University to the possibility of a law suit.  This is especially true because Morgan and Gail were already acquainted when Morgan was living in California

 If it becomes necessary I will start to look for a contingency attorney. For the reasons previously stated I would prefer not to be forced to take that action.  Law suits are time consuming and emotionally debilitating. But these slanders and libel are so widely spread I would have no other choice.   

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Morgan - Certification of Medical Authority - Copy related to adoption Carolyn was not living with me. This is just paperwork

Morgan - Melinda's Permission for the Adoption noticed by Tulare Superior Court - May 3, 1979

Morgan - Adoption by Pillsburys - 1979

This was mailed to Melinda as confirmation the process of adoption was proceeding.  

Morgan - Contingent Custody - May 24, 1979

While Melinda was willing to let her parents adopt Carolyn (Morgan), she was concerned about what would happen if they died before Carolyn reached maturity.  

Morgan - Adoption by Pillsburys - January 29, 1979

Melinda's parents asked to adopt Carolyn, who had been living with them most of the year and spending summers with Melinda, then married to Ronald E. Foster.  Melinda consented on the condition she would have custody if anything happened to them and they would be responsible for Carolyn's expenses.  This, they failed to carry out.  Melinda's mother, Mary Alice Reasoner Pillsbury died when Carolyn, who had begun calling her self Morgan, in 1987. 

Morgan was then living with Melinda's sister, Anne Pillsbury Gripp, in Goleta, CA.  Anne had been asked to take Morgan because she was attempting to seduce Anne's clients from the Orchid Nursery, according to what Anne told Melinda when she called to demand Melinda take her.  Morgan was then 19 years old.  

Shocked, Melinda did not believe Anne at the time.  Later, she found out these were the simple truths and only part of the ugly truth about Morgan.